From $48 per week

Frequently Asked Questions

Peak hours $80 per week

SIGN UP – $80 p/wk

Off peak hours $48 per week

SIGN UP – $48 p/wk

Private physical therapy and training consultations $120 per session

SIGN UP – $120 p/session

Peak hours
5.30am – 8.30am
5pm – 7pm

Off peak hours

Open for physical therapy and one-to-one private consultations at all other times

Simply book a tour from our landing page and we will be in touch very soon to schedule a date and time to come view facility and have a chat!

Payments are fortnightly and can be set up as a standing order and we are currently providing a means for paying by card etc.

It will be small group training of 5-8 dads in each slot. The training is aimed at beginners or those that haven’t trained in a few years for example. The initial weeks are aimed at simply improving your fitness with conditioning methods aimed at improving your aerobic endurance. As you progress throughout the 12 week beginner blocks expect to learn new skills such as resistance training, mobility and stability skills, strength endurance and ongoing aerobic and anaerobic endurance (i.e. improved conditioning)

You are exactly the type of person we want to see. With a history in physical therapy our programmes are designed with you in mind and resolving old injuries while preventing any re-occurrences. We want to get you ‘from the treatment table to the gym floor!!!’

If you’re thinking about improving your fitness


We don’t want you training on your own, stuck on a treadmill. Try out STRONG DADS. We can help you feel motivated and get you results.

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